Team Building

Playing drums is fun as well is theraputic. It creates a 'feel good' factor in any group and helps draw people together.  Nearly every person in the groups we have worked with has not played drums before. It's a fun skill to learn and the different sections in the samba band (or bateria) rely on each other to make the whole band sound good. We make sure the rhythms are accessible and fun to learn!
"Thanks a lot for Friday. All staff involved had a wonderful time and I have had a constant battery of positive comments coming my way, mostly that we should invite you back"  Alan WIllis, Assistant Principal, Winstanley College, Wigan.

What Happens in a workshop? To explain briefly; We demonstrate the instruments so everyone can have a choice. We then split the group into sections,  Surdos (large drums), Tambourims (small drums,) Agogo bells, shakers. The different sections  play together collectively most of the time and can also  play individually.  We have never had a group of people who failed the samba drumming challenge yet. Samba drumming in it's easiest form isn't difficult to learn and we make sure the rhythms are accessible and fun to learn.  The outcome is always a vibrant sound!


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